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Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System

Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System
Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System

Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System

Zxtech All-in-One Unibody Dome 4K 8MP CCTV camera comes with compact Zxtech Onyx 4K UHD CCTV NVR. The recorder has a built-in PoE switch and eliminates the need for a separate network switch. The camera is waterproof rated to IP66. The camera can give you 360-degree flexible angle and no dead corner.

Amazing 3.6-11 mm Motorized Lens for optical zoom and focus. You can point your camera to any direction, up or down, left or right by adjusting the joint.

Zxtech innovative 4K CCTV kit ideal for home or business. Ultra High Definition surveillance by the trusted British brand. Pure 4K CCTV Kit by Zxtech.

You can stream video to your iPhone or Android smartphone using Bitvision app and you will be able to check what is going on at your property without actually being there. When you are away from home, such as on holiday or business trip your Zxtech CCTV system is still active and recording in the background. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image.

Why don't you try with 4K and you will be surprised? 8 Megapixel cameras, high-end of security equipment. What's in the Box. 8 x Zxtech All-in-One Motorized CCTV Camera. 1 x 8CH Onyx 4K PoE Network Video Recorder.

4 x 10M cable, 4 x 20M cable and 1 x 2M Cable. The system includes a camera and CCTV NVR with amazing 8 Megapixel resolution (38402160) for crisp and clear images.

Embedded Sony Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS sensor is the major factor for clear and sharp videos. Highly-detailed night vision with LED IR available for these dome unibody security cameras.

CCTV NVR with built-in PoE network switch eliminates the need of separate network device for less cabling and cost efficiency. These dome cameras have internal SD Card slot providing the opportunity to back up your data in case you lose the footage saved on the HDD, the camera has a separate lead for audio connection, in this case, you will be able to attach a microphone and record sound. 3.6-11 mm motorized lens, specially designed for dome cameras, customers can control zoom remotely from the app or PC, the camera will refocus automatically without need climbing up a ladder. H265+ video compression is a cost-efficient saving up to 50% storage space. Featuring remote access with a free mobile app this kit allows you to watch your premises all the time.

Cameras are waterproof for outdoor and indoor purpose coming along with strong case. IR Cut, WDR, BLC, ROI, Defog cameras will detect and create an image as would be seen with human eyes, unlike your eyes camera sensor can detect light outside the range of the human eye.

Motion detection and mobile notification alert this kit will detect any activity and never leaves you in the dark. Experience cutting edge 4K Ultra HD resolution with innovative UHD system. Highest level of design available on the market.

A modern and compact unit that allows live view and recording. This NVR will bring your surveillance system to new, unforeseen level of quality. This is an Onyx 4K Series recorder that supports UHD cameras. The resolution corresponds to about 800 million pixels. Zxtech is involved in every part of the product development. From blueprint, 2D conception, 3D rendering and mould creation. We make sure our badge is printed on a product which we are proud to sell and proud to show our friend and family. We want our product not only be beautiful but also functional, flexible and future-proof. Simply connect your cameras to the back of the recorder using the cat5 included in the package.

Connect your 4K PoE Cameras to built-in PoE network switch NVR. Add the cameras to the CCTV NVR and enjoy your 4K PoE CCTV system. Much better than the traditional system. You have the choice to blank out part of the scene that is not important to you.

Draw one or multiple squares in the setting, your recorder will ignore the motion in those areas and will not trigger the alert, but now with 4K UHD quality. New generation pure 4K 8MP is now landed on CCTV. Meet your requirement with our new range, compact design and long-lasting quality products.

Zxtech Team creates this special edition kits, suitable for home or professionals. The recorder supports up to 8 IP CCTV cameras and makes it desirable for many people.

4K CCTV system is suitable for indoor or outdoor. Compact next-generation design coming along with PoE CCTV cameras, saving cost and time using your cameras because you just need an Ethernet cable running. The recorder supports up to 8 CCTV IP Cameras, which gives you an option to extend your system in the future. PoE CCTV Camera System that worths the investment. The kit offers real 8MP IP quality because of the integrated 8MP Sony Starvis Chip inside.

4K 8MP UHD OmniVision Sensor Motor Zoom Auto Focus. With this camera you can be protected at all times. Replace your outdated security cameras with new, modern, motorized, autofocus cameras.

View stunning videos in day and night with truly 4K Ultra HD. It is easy to record everything clearly with 8 Megapixel cameras. Get clearer images and monitor a wider area. This camera will please everyone.

A Security CCTV system with ultra-high-definition recording. Having a reliable camera is an easy way to protect your home. Now you can even record in 4K, packed with top specs. By analyzing features such as image resolution, weatherproof ability added cables and accessories we have complied a comprehensive kit provides detailed 4K security camera system. With many more feature and specs to discover. This is a high-quality security camera because of ultra-high-definition up to 25 frames per second.

This camera will be connected to a PoE built-in recorder. It benefits from the motorized auto zoom lens, so you can easily adjust focus and zoom without climbing on a ladder, all will be motorized now, control it from your mobile. Long-range night vision with up to 66 feet IR. This camera has an optical zoom 3.6-11 mm lenses and it is super flexible. You can point to any direction when you fix it on the wall or ceiling, no matter vertically or horizontally.

No need to climb to adjust the angle. This camera has built-in Omnivision Motorized Sensor chip and optical zoom supports wide dynamic range and has 8MP ultra high definition resolution, motion sensor and mobile push notification alert. If you looking for the latest this may be perfect choice.

Upgrading to 4K offers noticeable results in image quality. Home security kit which is begging to move away from traditional 1080p Full HD and rolling out ultra-crisp, ultra-clear and sharp quality image with 4K resolution. That system is a serious upgrade if you are looking to get top specs for your security. This system supports 4K Playback, also support audio if a microphone is connected to the camera.

The system will deliver an ultra HD resolution for live view or recording. The cameras are weather-resistant case so easily can be used for indoor or outdoor.

One of the most robust kits we have. The cameras offer a detailed image and wide-angle to cover a larger area. You do not have to deal with pixelated image anymore. Suitable to monitor your entire front porch or driveway. Finally, you have the advantage to collect proper evidence, minimizing the need for additional cameras. Zxtech knows that human face and license plate recognition requires high resolution and a very good angle to capture them. With our 8MP Ultra HD PoE IP CCTV Cameras your chance to get what you need is very big. The beautiful colour at the day and great vision at night. This system offers the highest level of details and clarity. 4 times sharper than 1080p Full HD camera. Coming along with the super-wide angle of viewing. This kit ensures you that you never going to miss any important event happened at your home or business premises. Everything you need for setup is included, installing CCTV has never been easier, no need for extra power for the cameras, no need for power splitters. With this kit, you will experience the next generation of high definition video recording. The included recorder supports recording up to 8 Megapixel Ultra HD ensures the high level of details in your recording.

265 compression technologies maximize recording efficiency, helping you to get the most from you available hard drive space. Optical zoom provides the best quality of zoom, the lens inside the cameras actually move to provide zoom. This lens is coming along with a motor that can be activated remotely from the NVR or smartphone.

If you are viewing the cameras away from a physical location, you can still adjust the camera lens. The zoom setting has to be already set at the time of the incident. If you are looking for cameras already one step further than manual varifocal lens one this is a great choice. This camera will suit any security surveillance installation. Focal Length measured in millimetres gives you the field of view from narrow to wide-angle. This camera will let you adjust the focal length, angle of view and zoom in and out. Every fixed lens camera has a standard viewing angle.

With this one, you can be more flexible. You definitely will reduce installation time and labour.

Autofocus directly from your mobile app. Eliminates the need of testing monitor. No need to stay in the rain for manually zoom and focus.

Our Zxtech 8MP 4K UHD PoE IP CCTV Camera can do a tremendously good job and we can assure you in that. It also adds an increased ability to zoom in on distant objects without reducing image quality. 3.6-11mm optical zoom, motor lens, autofocus. This camera is equipped with a low-power sensor that brings 8 Megapixel resolution to a surveillance systems.

Advanced chip with improves low-light sensitivity to deliver high- resolution images and capture ultra-high-resolution 4K, even in high-contrast conditions. The camera will capture smooth video, enabling detailed wide-area coverage. Includes embedded stabilization function to prevent image blur. Equipped with Omnivision 8MP Sensor the camera produces more than 8 million pixels. Extreme performance and 8MP Ultra HD Quality.

You can enable in-camera recording to backup your footages using up to 128GB memory card. Using an SD card helps you backup the footage and keep them offline for even better security. Modern IP security cameras have a memory card slot helps increasing storage and give you cost efficiency. Increase your Access Capabilities using smartphone access. Remotely viewing your CCTV is an important part of any security system. So you can monitor your home or business from everywhere. With this feature, Zxtech offers reliability and protection. This system is fantastic peace of security equipment, ideal for both commercial premises and domestic properties. This will automatically eliminate the need for on-site guard. Other system may be slow to react when an intruder break-in, Zxtech systems will allow you to remote monitoring your premises. This will give you a peace of mind so the intruders will really think twice before entering. The big advantage is that the system can be viewed from afar.

As long as the recorder is connected to the Internet. By a simple step, you can watch footage on all smart devices you have got, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC, laptops, computers, giving you the ability to monitor you CCTV whenever required. You definitely will track every move in your home. Want to remotely watch your system while you are away, Zxtech can do that. Simply download Bitvision mobile app on your smartphone, scan the QR code from your recorder or camera and you will be connected.

Everything you need in 3 easy steps adding convenience so you can use your CCTV in the fullest capacity. Connecting an external microphone to the camera can allow audio recording.

Sometimes is important to have a surveillance system installed to ensure that the cameras and audio output is working correctly. This is vital if you need to put together evidence regarding a crime. CCTV may be is nothing new, but this kit will prove you that it is worth every penny coming along with truly 4K UHD resolutions for live images or recordings and now enjoying your new surveillance equipment on your iPhone or Android device. This system is compatible with Bitvision app.

The app works with Zxtech Systems and helps you to create your own safe home. PoE IP CCTV System, get an All-in-One Security Camera Kit. This is an innovative technology that lets network cable carry electrical power. As a digital CCTV camera normally requires BNC cable for video and power adaptor to power it, the cameras in this system require only one network cable to provide video and power. With this system, you will not need any power splitter or power supply for cameras and by this, the installation is very simple and time-saving.

You can have a really clean and cost-effective installation without any extra cabling. Many homes now are covered with network cables all over the place so you really simply can use them to power your 4K security system. One cable is enough to transmit data and power over Ethernet cat5 cable.

We made this system as easier as possible for any home or business. A new era in CCTV 4K Plug and Play UHD PoE IP CCTV. This camera can be deployed and easily moved without the need for an AC power supply.

If you need to install your camera in hard reach location such as a ceiling or outdoor that will be the right solution. The cameras are connected by only one network cable to both provide power supply and transmit the video signal. This feature has greatly simplified the installation, reduced cost and decreased the risk of electric leakage. Having power available on the network means that the installation and distribution of network connections are simple and effective. Zxtech always invest in cost-efficiency. Installation is quick and easy only single cable required for each camera. Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports are built right into the NVR, which connect to the included in the package Ethernet cables. Protect your home and family with Zxtech 4K PoE Security systems, surveillance system with everything you need to do it yourself or have a professional installer. There is no need for expanding your system with PoE network switch, the recorder has integrated one. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective security system this will be a perfect choice.

Our 4K PoE CCTV System is easy to use and plug and play security camera system. The recorder has an internal network so the cameras can be simply added to NVR without using separate software or changing IP address. If you need to monitor your network recorder through smartphone then simply connect Ethernet cable from it to your router and make the recorder online. Much less bandwidth, much higher performance. 265+ High- Efficiency Video Coding.

Lower the cost of hard drive storage and transmission. This system becomes extremely efficient and required space for video storage is decreasing by 40 to 50% and deliver low cost for home and business. This feature enables you to record up to 4 times longer than h.

264 with the same hard drive size. 265 camera system is a kind of surveillance cameras that adopt High-Efficiency Video Coding. This is an advanced technology that can encode video files twice as efficiently as its predecessor, known as H.

265 can double the data compression ratio without reducing the image quality. 265+ video compression this system will reduce storage consumption by about 50%. 265 video compression is generally used with almost every Zxtech product. Reducing the bandwidth and storage consumption is a priority in every 4K 8MP UHD system. Improve live footage and remotely viewing quality, obtaining a smooth video without delay.

The kit will allow you longer recording time whether you record the videos to an SD card or NVR, which will save you the additional cost to store data. 265 cameras are suitable for a wide range of application- indoor or outdoor, for home or business, for front door or driveway, for long garden or garage, for shop or schools, hospitals or pubs. 265 cameras are ideal for delivering Ultra HD videos and image with high-efficiency. These cameras are on high demand in high resolution and 4K devices. Zxtech achieves higher resolution with lower bandwidth.

Motion Detection, Alerts, Schedule and Masking as standard. Often when using CCTV surveillance system, there are certain areas that need to be either concealed or areas that must prevent the motion detection from going off. Masking will avoid triggering an alarm when fox pass by or non-significant event occurs. Using privacy masking you can avoid false alarms. Many people set up the system on motion detection Zxtech security will make that easier than ever.

You can adjust sensitivity and larger values will trigger motion detection easier. The system has advanced motion detection technology that captures video when it detects movement. As always price is a major factor for Zxtech. We do not want you to pay twice as much for anything does the same thing.

To capture the clearest picture of what's happening at all times. You can configure your system to record when there are movements detected. This will reduce the time to spend looking into your footage and also will save you space on the hard drive so will be able to prolong the recordings. Utilise the extremely flexible scheduling preference. Tell the NVR what time of the day, or which day of the week to record.

Enabling motion you will be able to use push image notification on your mobile app. No, unnecessary alerting during the time you are there, no unnecessary recording when you do not need it. Alternatively, you can just turn it on 24/7. With up to 4/16 cameras operating simultaneously and reliable motion detection, you will feel protected 24/7. Mobile Access with push image notification.

Zxtech invested in 4K Security, completely PoE (Power over Ethernet) supporting mobile push notification. Supporting many languages such as English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, etc. Few very simple steps to get mobile push notification enabled. Register an account on Bitvision, enter the login credentials, Scan the QR code from your recorder to bind the device and preview your cameras connected to your recorder. With this system, you can enable motion detection and push image notifications.

When the device alarms, the device pushes the alarm to capture the image to the App. The message will pops-up on a mobile device. Watching up your system all the time is not an option.

This system will automatically send you a mobile notification if detects a motion. The GDPR is in effect so you can protect people privacy when using CCTV equipment.

Hiding part of the picture and anonymizing blanking out part of the scene that is not important to you. Get a mobile notification when it detects motion in your scene. This system works with an effective video management system.

Connectivity and configuration are simple and user-friendly. The viewing, Replay, Control, Alert and Intelligent Settings.

Updated software for more convenience and easy to use. Understanding different languages are very important, we Zxtech invested with a system that can do multilingual support with more than 20 different languages.

1/1.8''OmniVision CMOS Sensor. 3.6-11 mm Motor Zoom. TCP/IP, ICMP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, NTP, SMTP. Yes, support IEEE 802.3af.

IPhone, iPad, Android, Android Pad. Saturation/Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness, Mirror, 3DNR, White Balance, FLK (Flicker Control). Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Bulgarian, Polish, Farsi, German, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Nederlands. 142(W) x 142(H) mm.

16CH (4096x2160, 2592x1944, 2048x1536, 1920x1080, 1280x960, 1280x720, etc). 16 Channel, MD Zones: 396 (22 x 18). Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)/30Hz, 4K (3840 x 2160)/30Hz, 1920 x 1080/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz, 1280 x 720/60Hz, 1024 x 768/60Hz. 16CHxD1/ 9CHxD1/ 8CHxD1/ 4CHxD1/ 1CHx1080P/ 1CHx3MP/ 1CHx4MP/ 1CHx5MP/ 1CHx4k.

Title, Time, Recording, Motion Detection. 4K(4096x2160), 5MP(2592x1944), 4MP(2688x1520/2560x1440), 3MP(2048x1536), 1080P(1920x1080), 960P(1280x960), 720P(1280x720), D1 (720x576/720x480). ALL, Channel, Manual, Time, Date, Motion Detection. Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Play, Digital Zoom.

8 x RJ45 (10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface) + 1 x RJ45 10M/100M/1000M Adaptive Ethernet Interface. 8 x Independent 100Mbps POE Network Interfaces(Output PowerAT mode 30W, AF mode 15W per Interface), 45/78 line order, Total Power Output more than 100W, Support Plug and Play, Support network cable extended mode up to 250M. The item "Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System" is in sale since Sunday, January 26, 2020. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Smart Home & Surveillance\Home Surveillance\IP & Smart Security Camera Systems". The seller is "domarsolutions" and is located in Hounslow. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.
  • Brand: Zxtech
  • MPN: UX8C9Y
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Colour: White
  • Number of Cameras Included: 8
  • Room: Any Room
  • Features: Night Vision

Zxtech 8x 4K 30M IR LEDs Motor Zoom PoE Camera Outdoor CCTV NVR Complete System